The panorama on the sunrise side: an awesome view of Malarayat

The quiet panorama on the sunrise side of the farm: an awesome view of Mount Malaráyat and the river below the gap.

13 April 2012

From My Library: For the Birds

Now it never occured to me I will ever come across a recipe book to make avian dishes! Gee, the titles one can find in the good old US of A... but, I'm not complaining. A lot of it actually make sense to me but I still cannot help but be amused and find quite preposterous to make a book out of it. I guess the mere fact that I purchased one makes me just as eccentric (and admittedly gullible), hahaha.

Anyway,I will lap up anything that will help increase my bird traffic. The heck, I'll try anything once! Although the birds featured here are North American, a lot of the recipes and its "ingredients" can be transposed to a local tropical setting for our own native species. Now I'll keep this short as I still have to go to the grocery :)


  1. I hope it wouldn't reach our more non-biodiversity friendly countrymen, as poachers in the wild are common and our regulations have not been properly implemented. Take the case of poachers in the vicinity of Mt Makiling, and they don't need a recipe anymore, so what more if recipes are available!

    By the way, i remember what my lab-roommate at CSIRO, Sydney once told me about cooking the gallah. I am sure you know how beautiful the gallah is! So, you clean the bird, remove the entrails, cut to pieces, put in a kettle with water, add a stone, and after many hours of cooking, eat the stone!

    1. take it upon yourself to have those poachers apprehended by the authorities. you should do something about it to preserve the biodiversity in the area!

    2. Don't worry, i heared the university police is now taking it seriously. Concerned friends living near the area help apprehend the poachers.

  2. Hahahaha! This made my day! Mr. 1784, you better take your post down as it might encourage poachers to buy flaxseeds from Healthy Options to make cornmeal flaxseed crumble with!!!

  3. Never fails to amaze us the stuff we get in the mail :)